White Oak Landing, Lake Martin’s Newest Development (5 min. Read)

Introducing: White Oak Landing Development, Lake Martin.

By: Adam Yager, Realtor® in association with Damon Story, Realtor®.

Lake Martin’s newest real estate development. My first questions, not only a real estate agent but as a consumer, is the same questions you may have: “What will set this one apart from the multitude of other developments on Lake Martin? What’s special about it? How much will it cost? Entice me.” Will do. Here we go.

If you have been keeping tabs on the economy, there are a few key points that seem to be the resounding theme for the latter half of 2018. The economy is healthy as a whole. Interest rates are higher. Housing inventory is low. (Not just at Lake Martin, but nationwide).

Check out this article from the Wall Street Journal: https://www.wsj.com/articles/housing-market-positioned-for-a-gentler-slowdown-than-in-2007-1539432120?emailToken=f01f74260b5e1b28b3448489b82fe88d7hsY7pEUtyzA5Pbsy3trqTKrtvXZOSkPh5R+S

For those who have been on the hunt for a second/vacation home, or to install Lake Martin as their primary residence, there are a few issues I am sure you have discussed. Here are some of those issues I have discussed with my clients over the course of 2018:

  1. “With the inventory being at such a low level, there really isn’t much out there to begin with.”
  2. “With the inventory being at such a low level…we have looked at almost everything in our price range. That being said, we do not like what we have seen, and we have just about seen it all.”
  3. “How much would it cost us just to buy a lot and build it like we want it?”
  4. “If we wait, what will be on the market when we come back?”
  5. (and most importantly) – “I would like to find or have a new, or like-new waterfront home (that is not a condo) without spending an absolute fortune!!”

All of these issues are legitimate concerns for potential buyers and need to be addressed accordingly.

Now… along comes White Oak Landing with a solution. Seeing the need for new homes due to lack of inventory, rising interest rates, and most importantly – price points, the development team of White Oak Landing has taken a stance to meet the main concerns of consumers.

Here is the “low-down” on Lake Martin’s newest development:


White Oak Landing has been crafted to cater to the requests and feedback of consumers. Phase I includes 24 waterfront lots. Each lot has a minimum of 100 feet of Lake Martin water front (Which is approx.. the amount of waterfront you need in order to maximize your dock/pier square footage to as large as the Alabama Power Company will approve).

White Oak Landing will consist of primarily turn-key homes with (5) different sets of home plans to choose from. The (5) pre-customized plans and their architects to this development are:

  1. The Sunfish (Mitch Ginn),
  2. The Star (Michael O’Kelly),
  3. The Tempest (Larry Furlong),
  4. The Hobe (Mitch Ginn), and
  5. The Optimist (Larry Furlong).

**(See bottom of article for drawings and specifications of house plans & Plat Map).**


White Oak Landing is located approximately 3 minutes by road from highway 280. By water, you are in the River North/River Oaks realm. Easy access. Easy come and go. (I think they wrote a country song about that).  From Birmingham, Auburn, Atlanta, and all their surrounding cities, we are talking about a “direct shot”…Delta Airlines style. This also positions the development  closer to main shopping centers such as Wal-Mart Supercenter in Alex. City, Renfroe’s in Dadeville, and facilities such as Russell Medical Center and Thomas C. Russell Airport.

“OK…Now be honest, how much is this going to cost me?”

As with almost any other real estate development… almost anywhere in the world… prices are adjusted based on the size of lot, view of water, size of home, finishes of home, and all indices of that measure.

The (5) plans we discussed earlier have been assigned to certain lots that best suit the home, lot, and your bank account.

To be blunt, you have the option to pick a lot, pick a house plan, and purchase a brand-new Lake Martin waterfront home for under $1,000,000. And when I say under a million dollars, I don’t mean $950,000. I detest those normal “sales ploys”.  I mean UNDER a million dollars.

A unique proposal this is, indeed.

Contact for more information:

Adam Yager: (205) 914-0830 or adam@lakemartinlocations.com

Damon Story: (205) 789-9526 or damon@damonstory.com